Carol Wain — an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, advisor and mentor — founded the Enlightened Capitalist™ community, to co-create a movement where individuals collaborate, mentor and learn how to reinvent business and use the power of profitable organizations to transform lives and positively impact our planet.

The purpose of the Enlightened Capitalist™ organization is to reinvent business to transform lives.  

What that means is that we, as an organization, provide interactive and practical application learning opportunities to the community in a variety of ways to have the biggest reach and impact.  

We also consult and advise business leaders on the best ways to reinvent their organization and we facilitate discussion, collaboration and co-creation of solutions within the workplace.

Carol’s vision includes changing the dialogue about how business is conducted.  She is passionate about bringing humanity back to business by tapping into the desires and potential of people so that they willingly support the purpose, vision, core values, strategy and goals of the business.  With engaged people profit increases and it’s that profit (or a percentage of it) which transforms lives.

People who align with this philosophy aspire to take a leading role to impact change but many people aren’t sure how to do it.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, manager, passionate employee or aspiring entrepreneur, we can help.  We advise, mentor, consult and/or educate you so you can champion the change to reinvent their business and transform lives so you leave a legacy with impact.

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“If you want a great Customer Experience your Employee Experience must be greater” ~ Carol Wain

Is This You?

What is an Enlightened Capitalist™?

We crowd-sourced the answer and here are some of the responses...

Is this You?

An Enlightened Capitalist™ is an individual who champions change to Reinvent Business and use the power of organizations to Transform Lives and positively impact our planet.

Although many Enlightened Capitalists™ are Entrepreneurs, Executives, Senior Managers or Small Business Owners, many others are employees and aspiring entrepreneurs who are:

Lean Thinker
Relationship Focused
A People Person
Profit Minded
A Disrupter

An Enlightened Capitalist™ is a leader who cares about profit but not only about profit.

He or she cares about people and impact the business is making as well as profit – in fact, profit is used to positively impact the lives of the people who support the business as well as society at large.

Profit is also used to lessen the environmental impact – from supply chain management, to recycling, to the use of raw materials and energy, profit is used positively.

An Enlightened Capitalist™ hires for fit with the vision, purpose, higher-purpose, personality and core values of the business.

He or she also hires for the passions, attitude, experience, skills and potential of the employee.

An Enlightened Capitalist™ creates products, services and experiences which better the lives of its customers.

He or she understands the needs of the customers and creates an overall customer journey and customer experience which reduces friction and embraces real, humanized communication.

An Enlightened Capitalist™ co-creates solutions with employees, customers, partners, investors, supporters and vendors.

He or she embraces the shift from top-down, need-to-know-all-the answers thinking to a more inclusive, more balanced approach to problem solving and opportunity optimizing.

An Enlightened Capitalist™ seeks innovative ways to reduce waste and inefficiencies while improving operations, product and experiences delivered.

He or she taps into the knowledge, perspective and potential of the people who support the business, to gain insight into the realities of daily life and perspective for continuous improvement.

An Enlightened Capitalist™ mentors, coaches, encourages, appreciates, recognizes and rewards desired behavior.

He or she helps employees become better at their jobs while preparing them for future opportunities.  An Enlightened Capitalist feels secure in his/her role to lead powerfully and positively to get desired results.

An Enlightened Capitalist™ ensures everyone is responsible for positively contributing to profit, relationships, community and environment.

He or she doesn’t assign teams to focus on silo activities like corporate social responsibility.  Instead everyone is responsible for making wise decisions which support the vision, purpose, higher-purpose, core values and goals of the business.

An Enlightened Capitalist™ has strong governance to ensure all people are making ethical decisions which support individuals, the organization and the impact it is making.

He or she has created a team of people who are fully onboard with the uniqueness of the business and what it stands for.  To keep everyone “honest”, there are checks and measures and accountability to ensure short-cuts and undesirable behavior are minimal and if/when they happen, they are quickly addressed and rectified.

An Enlightened Capitalist™ aligns marketing, sales and experiences delivered.

He or she ensures that everyone is on the same page.  The disconnect that many – most – organizations have between the Marketing, Sales and Operations departments doesn’t exist because the communication flows easily between departments.  The internal game of us against them is replaced with a united goal of being the best in the market.

An Enlightened Capitalist™ is a new breed of leader – creative, profit-minded, relationship focused, collaborative, innovative, emotionally intelligent and unwavering in his or her commitment to creating a business which takes a stand for people, planet and profit.

It’s a huge responsibility. It requires changing the employer/employee dynamic. It requires new thinking, new policies, new ways of educating, new supervisory and leadership skills and most importantly, the ability to get the right people in the right roles, doing the things that will make a difference to the business and the person.

It’s not easy – the culture of the organization changes, the attitude of employees changes, the attitude of management changes, the dynamics within the organization changes and it’s unsettling for many people who would rather remain comfortably unfulfilled than do something new.

It takes a strong person to lead this kind of change. If you are that strong person and you need support, encouragement, education and mentoring to help you along the way, we welcome you to join us.  Let’s change the world together!

Join us as a member

Are you drawn to creating a business with a purpose and higher-purpose?  Is it important for you to learn, collaborate and co-create solutions with like-minded leaders? Is challenging the status quo to create new opportunities appealing? Do you embrace a good disruption? Does reinventing business to transform lives appeal to you? Do you understand that profit at the expense of everything else is unsustainable?

Do you also understand that without a healthy profit, you cannot make a positive impact? Are you inspired to use your business as a force of good but you do not know exactly how to do so? Does creating practical, real-time solutions while learning make more sense than theory? Are you an entrepreneur, executive, professional, manager or business student? If you said “yes” then join us in the Enlightened Capitalist™ community. You’ll learn, mentor, create, pay-it-forward and have fun while creating your leadership legacy.

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Join us as faculty or advisor

Are you already actively embracing the Enlightened Capitalist™ philosophy of using business as a force of good? Does your business have a “Why” which is much bigger than the products and services you sell? Have you already created a culture of diversity, appreciation, recognition, reward, above-average compensation and opportunity for growth? Does your strategic plan include improving your customer experience?

Have you instituted governance to ensure your business practices are ethical while also reducing your environmental impact? Do you audit your supply chain to ensure they are not participating in activities such as child labor, environmental damage, bribery and other practices which conflict with being an Enlightened Capitalist™? Are you already paying-it-forward with perfectly aligned connection between your business and the charities, non-profits and/or lives you support? If you have answered yes, we’d love for you to join us as part of our leadership team.

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“The 5 New Ps to Marketing are People, Passion, Personality, Purpose and Platform” ~ Carol Wain

In a nutshell this is what the Enlightened Capitalist™ Organization does:

  1. Champion to change the dialogue about how to create an impact with a long-term, sustainable business
  2. Educate our community
  3. Advise, consult and mentor business leaders and their employees
  4. Bring together like-minded individuals to learn from each other and
  5. Transform lives globally.

An Enlightened Capitalist™ embraces the “Is This You?” attributes outlined above. We help get you there. We practice what we preach so that you can learn by experience. We combine practical learning, networking, advocacy, community-building, community-service and guerrilla marketing techniques to help you to become the best Enlightened Capitalist™ you can be.

Our Events are designed to:

  1. Educate you with a lesson(s) and a challenge to collaborate and co-create an Enlightened Capitalist™ outcome which helps your local community.
  2. Introduce you to like-minded people who share similar values and beliefs about the role of business to transform lives and positively influence our planet while tapping into the potential of people who willingly support your vision, purpose, higher purpose, core-values, strategy and goals.
  3. Immerse you in a supportive, co-mentoring environment where you roll-up your sleeves to co-create a solution to a community challenge while you learn how to incorporate strategies and techniques in your own business.
  4. Challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things, test out new ways of doing things and further your growth.
  5. Lighten you with good-natured competition delivered as a positive and fun experience.

Our Education spans a variety of experiences:

  • Online education
  • Informal meet up groups
  • Local chapters
  • Intensive educational events (weekend and week-long)
  • Conferences
  • Workshops

Our mission is to make a difference and to reach as many people as possible and we are dedicated to providing a variety of ways for you to learn, create and tweak so you will make an even bigger impact than we do!

Our founder, Carol Wain, is an award winning, multi-passionate entrepreneur, a best-selling author, a supporter of great disruptions, a humanitarian, an advocate for a workplace shake-up, a customer experience fanatic, a results-oriented professional and a gypsy at heart.

Learn more about Carol at CarolWain.com.

Join our community today.

You decide which way to consume the experience and expertise offered to you.


We are building and we manage a community of Enlightened Capitalist™ who are interested in learning, sharing, collaborating and co-creating ways to reinvent businesses that transform lives.

As a community, we embrace the Individual | Organization | Impact principles of the Enlightened Capitalist™ organization and we know that education is the key.

We’ve created a variety of ways to learn how to grow your business in a positive, profitable, people and planet transforming way. From our evolving online education portal where you learn at your own pace to our local chapters where you learn in a collaborative, mentoring and co-creating environment which supports your local community, to events, interviews, articles and books, we take the best of mastermind groups, online education, in-person networking groups and post-secondary education and we bring it to you in a variety of ways to suit your needs.

Our role is to lead, grow and support our community online and at the local level.

Join us as an Enlightened Capitalist™ and let’s change the world together.


Our goal is to spread our message globally and to reach the most people in the most powerful way.

Online education and local chapter mentoring and learning are great ways to do this but sometimes a more personalized, quicker solution is needed.

From weekend workshops, to 5-day educational intensives, travel experiences with purpose, workshops at conferences and tradeshows along with corporate training sessions, we’ve created a variety of ways to help you to become an Enlightened Capitalist™.

Our Chapter Leaders are encouraged to offer events in their region to spread our message too. We encourage you to reach out to a Chapter Leader in your area or contact us to inquire about options for speaking to your group.

Our founder, Carol Wain, also facilitates educational events at conferences for professional associations. She also loves sharing her message with high-school students and teachers.

Go to our Events Page for more information.

Consulting / Mentoring

If you are looking for a solution customized to your business, taught when and where you need it while being tailored to the various stakeholders within your business, then an advisor / consulting / mentoring arrangement is best for you.

After discussing your needs, your vision and your challenges, we will put together a plan to help you reinvent your business. We will connect you with our best specialists – from supply chain to operations, organization culture to customer experience, financial whizzes to strategists – to show you how to transform your business while avoiding the pitfalls and reducing stakeholder resistance.

As Enlightened Capitalists™ ourselves, you can be assured that we will roll up our sleeves, collaborate and co-create the solutions you need.

Schedule a time to chat.


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