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Stage 6 of 6 in the Entrepreneur’s Journey


Stage 6 of the Entrepreneur’s Journey is one that very few entrepreneurs reach.  However, it’s what makes the journey so incredibly amazing. Stage 6 is where you’ve got the absolute freedom to figure out what your higher purpose is and how to live your life according to it.  I believe that I know what my higher-purpose is, which is why I am on this particular reinvention journey.  It’s also why I know that my entrepreneur’s journey won’t be quite as even spaced as the chart I’ve been sharing each week. As I was back in Stage 1 of this reinvention, I bounced from one stage 1 to another stage 1 a total of three times.   I realized that while I could have continued on with the next version of Carol the Entrepreneur with the first two attempts at reinventing my business, they weren’t aligned to what I wanted for my life. This is the key — it’s why I talk about S.T.A.R. Reinvention Pillars being so important as you reinvent your life and your business.  S.T.A.R. = Sustainable – making your reinvention work over the long term – whether this is a personal reinvention, business reinvention, industry reinvention or community reinvention. Transformational – reinvention is all about transforming lives and when you reinvent yourself it impacts others too.  Learn how to reinvent so it has a positive impact on others too. Attractive – when you reinvent yourself you set yourself up to attract different people and opportunities.  Learn how to be sure you attract what you want rather than […]

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