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5 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

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Improving Your Customer Experience is Easier When You Understand the Following: Customer Experience is in every business decision. The only true differentiation between competitors is the Customer Experience they deliver. Your brand IS your Customer Experience. Everyone is IN marketing  whether they realize it or not Customers complain when there is a disconnect between what you promise in your marketing and the experience they receive. Let’s Look at an Example: Restaurant A is next door to Restaurant B in tourist row.  They are both Mom and Pop restaurants which  sell similar products — food and drinks — but Restaurant A has a waiting line to get seated while Restaurant B is empty.   Why is this? Restaurant A’s menu is more slightly expensive than Restaurant B. Restaurant A’s servers are rushed off their feet but they are taking time to be hospitable to their diners.  Restaurant B’s servers are sitting at a table in the back tapping away at their phones. Restaurant A is colorful, with clean white table cloths and sparkling glasses.  Restaurant B isn’t as colorful, its glasses aren’t quite as sparkling and the table cloths are showing their age. Because Restaurant A is cooking for its guests, the aroma of deliciousness makes the tummy growl.  Restaurant B isn’t cooking, so no-one knows what to expect. The signage for Restaurant A is appealing,  Restaurant B has signage that needs repair People make decisions based on emotion and rationalize them with logic.  In the eyes of the tourists — who have to make a decision with limited knowledge — Restaurant A is a better […]

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