3 Call for Speakers – Enlightened Capitalist

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Call for Speakers for 2017 Enlightened Capitalist Virtual Summit and 2018 Enlightened Capitalist UnConvention Enlightened Capitalist supports, educates and advocates for individuals who use business to BE Good, DO Good and DO Well Vancouver, BC – 09/09/2017 Enlightened Capitalist today announced its “Call for Speakers” for the 2017 Enlightened Capitalist Virtual Summit and the 2018 […]

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Transform Your Organization with the Elements of L.I.G.H.T.

L = Live on Purpose To live on purpose, you obviously need to know what your purpose is.  For an organization, the original purpose answers the questions “Why are we in business?”, “What would happen if we ceased to exist?” and “What value do we bring to stakeholders?” A Shared Higher Impactful Purpose (SHIP) is […]

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Business Leaders Have New Resource to Help Reinvent Business – Enlightened Capitalist

NEWS FOR RELEASE: Immediately CONTACT: Sue Voyles – Logos Communications, Inc. 734.667.2005 sue@logos-communications.com Enlightened Capitalist: Taking businesses and their leaders to greater heights New website, www.enlightenedcapitalist.org, offers insights, invites exploration VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Dec.13, 2016 – Company executives and entrepreneurs looking to take their organizations to a higher-performing, community-focused, and socially-responsible level have a […]

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Wells Fargo Leadership – Definitely NOT Enlightened Capitalists

After 5,000 employees are fired for illegal account creation to comply with aggressive cross-selling targets, Senator Elizabeth Warren grills CEO John Stumpf and asks him to resign. Naturally, he refuses to step down, return one nickle or even acknowledge that he did anything wrong — morally or legally. Stumpf tries to explain that cross selling […]

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When Purpose and Passion Collide


I’m bursting with excitement! I’ve been on quite a long drawn-out journey to reinvent myself and my business, doing bits of this and bits of that in a personal sense and a business sense. A few years ago, I had some unexplainable urges to do things I had never done before. The first was to write a book with Jay Conrad Levinson. The offer was made on a webinar and about 2 weeks later I had cashed in retirement funds and airline points to attend a Guerrilla Marketing Intensive in his home. I spent the next 9 months painstakingly writing the Guerrilla Tourism Marketing book which I published on 12-12-12…. and it changed my life. The following year, I had an even stronger urge to go to the World Domination Summit — I didn’t even really know what it was all about — I saw a post on Facebook about tickets being sold by those who couldn’t attend and I knew I had to go. It was at this event where I had the weirdest experience of my life — the presenter was talking about something — no idea what anymore — and then he switched gears. His wife joined him onstage and together they directed us to clear our laps, to close our eyes, to say a validation to ourselves then put down our baby finger on our left hand. We were to say this validation 10x, ending up with the baby finger on our right hand. I was thrown by this — my lap was full of stuff […]

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5 Ways to Improve Performance


Every business leader and executive I speak with talks about performance.   Financial performance, people performance, marketing performance, sales performance, operational performance and so on. Great performance requires people to be onboard, engaged, aligned and passionate about the vision, purpose, passion, goals, personality and promise of the business – and this is one of the biggest challenges within an organization. Performances, on the other hand, are delivered by employees, managers and leaders.  They are also delivered by customers, vendors, supporters, investors, partners and franchisees. In other words, all people play a role in the success of a business. The Theater references don’t end here… Every business has a stage which is set by its marketing team and reinforced by employees and customers.  When employees see themselves as performers and their actions as performances, it’s easier to see how great behaviors and decisions make an impact.  (It’s also more fun!) Leaders and managers are also challenged to improve the performance experience to add more value to customers, to differentiate their business from competitors, to improve relationships and to increase profits – while striving to deliver consistent performances regardless of who is on stage at any given moment.     Performance matters, regardless of how you define it. 5 Ways to Improve Your Performance Ensure you have a strong vision, purpose, passion, personality, platform and core values which are easy to share.  Then share it!  All employees need to know where you are headed.  All employees and customers need to know what you stand for and how you are different.  They will then choose whether […]

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5 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

Happy Owner Standing Arms Crossed In cafe

Improving Your Customer Experience is Easier When You Understand the Following: Customer Experience is in every business decision. The only true differentiation between competitors is the Customer Experience they deliver. Your brand IS your Customer Experience. Everyone is IN marketing  whether they realize it or not Customers complain when there is a disconnect between what you promise in your marketing and the experience they receive. Let’s Look at an Example: Restaurant A is next door to Restaurant B in tourist row.  They are both Mom and Pop restaurants which  sell similar products — food and drinks — but Restaurant A has a waiting line to get seated while Restaurant B is empty.   Why is this? Restaurant A’s menu is more slightly expensive than Restaurant B. Restaurant A’s servers are rushed off their feet but they are taking time to be hospitable to their diners.  Restaurant B’s servers are sitting at a table in the back tapping away at their phones. Restaurant A is colorful, with clean white table cloths and sparkling glasses.  Restaurant B isn’t as colorful, its glasses aren’t quite as sparkling and the table cloths are showing their age. Because Restaurant A is cooking for its guests, the aroma of deliciousness makes the tummy growl.  Restaurant B isn’t cooking, so no-one knows what to expect. The signage for Restaurant A is appealing,  Restaurant B has signage that needs repair People make decisions based on emotion and rationalize them with logic.  In the eyes of the tourists — who have to make a decision with limited knowledge — Restaurant A is a better […]

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Customer Experience Boston Pizza Style


Today I had lunch at the Boston Pizza in Drumheller, Alberta.   If you’ve read my blast about the Boston Pizza in Courtenay, British Columbia in August, you know how unhappy I was with the customer experience there. As I walked to the front door I saw this sign and I groaned.  “Really?”  I thought, “… we’ll see”. Obviously this reaction indicates that I am a customer experience specialist who is a bit jaded — particularly when it comes to campaigns created at the corporate level.  The reason is that so many corporate leaders have no idea what is going on in the field.  They create policies, processes, strategies and profit-enhancing decisions without understanding how it impacts the customer experience and the employees who deliver it.  After all, every decision made from the Board Room, to the front-line, to the back-room and everywhere in between either positively or negatively impacts the customer experience. From the moment I walked through the door I realized how wrong I was — this time A woman greeted us with a great big smile   — not one of those forced smiles that those in service jobs often display.  When I joined my husband after a quick pitstop, this woman — our server — was waiting at our table with a great big hospitable smile.  A short while later she came back to ask what we’d like to drink and to explain the specials with gusto.  Today’s soup was chicken gumbo — I never remember what the specials are after I’ve left a restaurant — but I did today! When she […]

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Don’t Make the Same Mistake This Software Developer Made

young man pulling funny face on white background

I purchased a great video editing software a few weeks ago.  Fortunately (for me) I have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to use it yet because all software has bugs — even after the beta testers have given their feedback. I logged onto our Facebook Group today (which, btw, is a great tool for you to use to keep your pulse on what your customers are experiencing).   Sadly for the developer, there is a firestorm going on in the group because of a decision that he made to put ads on the software after we bought it. The tribe is furious!  Comments are along the lines of “we didn’t buy a software with ads, so why are there ads now?” and “if you had given us the option from the get-go to have a version with ads or without ads that would have been one thing but to add the ads after we bought it is wrong”. The developer is defending his position, stating that he was adding all sorts of value and that he didn’t make any money on the initial sale.  He then got defensive and told people they could ask for a refund.   Whoa!  Obviously ego and hot-headedness have taken over. The initial purchase price was really low $39.95 (or something like that) and the developer is asking for $9.95 / year to have a version of the software that doesn’t have ads.  Obviously the $9.95 isn’t a large amount and everyone of his customers could easily pay it — but […]

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Marketing – The New 5 Ps For Marketing


You likely already know the 5 original “Ps” to marketing – product, placement, packaging, promotion and price.  However, in today’s business environment there are 5 new marketing “Ps” to consider to transform your business. Personality – People want to see the personality behind the brand and they want that personality to be honest and congruent with the way the person is “off stage” too.  For example, Sir Richard Branson shows his fun-loving, adventuresome side of his personal life while the Virgin brands are also fun-loving and adventuresome.   Even if the personality behind the brand are  the employees they need to be congruent with the personality of the brand.  No grumpy people working at Disneyland; only tender dental hygienists working at the “tender dentist” etc. What is your brand’s personality and are you including it in your marketing? Purpose – Every business has a purpose — to make money.  There are other purposes to consider though.  Purposes larger than the business or product itself.  For example, the purpose of our business is to reinvent lives globally and the best way to do this is to help business leaders to transform their business to become S.T.A.R.S.™ – Sagacious | Transformational | Attractive | Resourceful | Sustainable. What is the purpose for your business and/or brands?  Are you sharing your purpose with your customers, employees, prospects and supporters? Passion – People want to connect with people who share their passion – whether it’s reinventing lives, transforming businesses and communities, living off the grid, living a healthy and happy life, driving race cars, travelling the world, leaving a […]

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