Movers and Shapers

Grow and Scale Your Business AND Create a Positive Impact on Society and Our Planet!

Sound impossible?

As a professional service provider, solopreneur, small business owner, aspiring entrepreneur or start-up founder you are uniquely positioned to make a huge change much faster and easier than corporations and established small to medium sized business.  As an employee you can become an emergent leader even if you don’t have yet have a leadership title.

Ask yourself the following.

What would transform your world for the better?

  • More meaningful, impactful work that’s in alignment with your values, your talents AND your vision for your life?
  • Retaining your employees or freelancers by creating alignment AND meaning for them?
  • Reinventing business practices which no longer work as well as they used to AND engaging your team in the process?
  • Feeling confident about the viability of your business AND easily handling changing expectations, values, technology and other socioeconomic factors?
  • Knowing you are making a difference AND leaving our planet in better shape than you inherited it?

Here are ways Enlightened Capitalist can support you:

Consultant Services

If you feel you could benefit from a more thorough approach, Enlightened Capitalist also offers in-depth consultancy services specific to the opportunities and challenges within your organization.  Our areas of expertise include finding leaking profit, improving people performance, strategic planning, organization culture, mergers and acquisitions readiness, organizational transformation, strategic partnerships, marketing and consultative sales.

Enlightened Capitalist Guild

The Enlightened Capitalist Guild helps you make wise decisions while you become a more Enlightened Capitalist.  The Guild focuses on you, the individual, and what you need to grow professionally.  There are 3 main components to the Guild –  Education, Mentors and Projects.  The Enlightened Capitalist Guild supports the Enlightened Capitalist Academy and the Academy supports the Guild, which means that your mentors will be Enlightened Capitalists who are part of the Academy.  The projects — which can be projects posted by Academy members or projects you propose which get sponsored by an Academy member — give you practical experience doing meaningful work as well as connections to companies which could further your career.  The curriculum is designed to teach you new skills and improve your existing skills so that you are better prepared for the transformation that will occur within business over the next 5 – 10 years.

Enlightened Capitalist Academy:

The Enlightened Capitalist Academy supports the Enlightened Capitalist Guild and the Guild supports the Academy.  The Academy’s focus is on organizations and what organizations need to become better Enlightened Capitalists.  The Academy provides education as well as opportunities to mentor Guild members and sponsor projects that the Guild members complete to gain practical experience.  While in the Academy we encourage you to take advantage of the courses and education designed to help you become a better Enlightened Capitalist.  We also encourage you to connect with Guild members who are looking for a mentor and we’ll help you to not only be a great mentor but to also get the most value from your experience.   And as a sponsor of a Guild project, you can benefit from the skills, enthusiasm and drive of the Guild members.

Enlightened Capitalist Events:

Throughout the year we will be hosting events that encourage collaboration, co-creation, personal development and professional development.  Our events are unconventional because we our goal is to have you leave with at least one new connection, concept or practice which will transform your life.  Our annual get together is aptly called the UNConvention-AL because we take the best of the best practices of other events (we call these our wise practices) and mix them with what we teach.  You won’t want to miss it!

If any of the above sound ideal, then you’re in the right place!

Enlightened Capitalist can help.

How much time and energy is being wasted as your organization focuses on:

misaligned Projects that are misaligned with your organization’s mission, vision, purpose and values.
search Sourcing new business instead of nurturing existing relationships.
reward Hiring undeserving people who let you down and don't deliver what they promise.
no-entry Taking courses and attending conferences which fail to give you what you really need -- actionable strategies and tactics which you can implement quickly and easily.
historical-document Copying business strategies and tactics which fail to work with your unique situation.

These problems arise because of a restricted, exclusive focus. With an inclusive focus, you get better results.

In other words, it’s not a case of “either/or”…

It’s about finding the AND

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you finding it difficult to attract and retain high-value customers?
  • Does it seem you can never do enough to meet revenue targets and is productivity a challenge?
  • Are you contemplating adding a “Why” or a “Shared Higher Purpose” to your business strategy because it’s the “in thing” to attract like-minded customers, employees and supporters?
  • Are you having difficulties integrating shifting cultural values and expectations into your business?
  • Are you concerned about disruptions to your industry and business?

Did you answer “yes” to any of these questions?  You’re not alone.

Here’s why you want “AND”

  • You want more profitable business AND affect useful outcomes for planet and communities.
  • You would like to be known for the lives you transform, the positive environmental impact you create AND the community benefits you deliver.
  • You want to map out a response to these challenges AND receive support to overcome resistance while reinventing your business.
  • You want to tear up the blueprints, frameworks and old-school business models AND create a profitable, desirable, attractive and high-performing business.
  • You want to create progressive ripples for your team, customers, supporters, vendors AND for our planet and the communities you support.  

It is possible AND it starts with YOU.

Discover how to shift perspectives with Enlightened Capitalist

Shift perspectives with Enlightened Capitalist

If any of the above sound ideal, then you’re in the right place!

Common Questions

Q: Is it easy to reinvent business alone?

Q: Is it easier to reinvent business with help from a like-minded community?

Q: Will most people in my business share my enthusiasm and vision for change?

Q: Is it easier to predict challenges and create a plan to mitigate resistance with the assistance of qualified specialists?

Q: Is maintaining the status quo and waiting for change to happen on its own a viable option?

Q: Am I the only person who wishes others would "get" it?

Enlightened Capitalist can help you.

We want to guide you in making a lasting transition in your organization.

Enlightened Capitalist will give you access to a range of disruptive, flexible tools that facilitate your transition plan.

These include:

The Personal Ripple
The Organization Ripple
The RIPPLE Ladders
The F.O.R.C.E. Formula for Business Transformation

Make the move from One of the Pack to Enlightened Capitalist.

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