What Does Enlightened Capitalist Do?

Enlightened Capitalist gives community members the proven platform they need to make transformations happen.

Enlightened Capitalist supplies the support, education, and advocacy (SEA) programs individuals need to transition at the personal level while guiding shift at the organizational level and beyond.

The SEA Program

The SEA program gives community members access to the personal tools they need to grow their individual competencies and develop wise practices for their businesses.

Enlightened Capitalist Support


Enlightened Capitalist offers networking, collaboration, research, and professional resources to enable transition on the personal, professional and organizational levels.

Enlightened Capitalist Education


Enlightened Capitalist provides professional consulting and mentoring sessions that build understanding and help community members find their own way forward.

Enlightened Capitalist Advocacy


Enlightened Capitalist champions and supports the efforts of individuals delivering long-term benefits through personal change, by focusing positive public attention on their stories and successes.

With the SEA Program, community members learn as they go, following an iterative education process. They implement as they learn, and see the impact of their plan as they progress along the RIPPLE Ladder.

The RIPPLE Ladder

Each rung on the RIPPLE Ladder helps propel the individual forward by focusing their attention on the steps they need to make NOW to get them where they want to be later.

Enlightened Capitalist Ripple
Relationship Impact Purpose Performance Leadership Emergence
An individual’s connection with people, beliefs and things The outcomes the individual can deliver Aligning with your skills, interests, gifts and reason for being Growing the outcomes available Developing the skills needed to guide change Activating personal reasons to accomplish change

What we offer

At Enlightened Capitalist, we practice what we teach, so that you can learn from our experiences. We combine practical learning, networking, advocacy, community building, community service and guerrilla marketing techniques to help you to become the best Enlightened Capitalist you can be.