Community Advocacy

Your Great Work Deserves to be Recognized, Celebrated and Rewarded

Enlightened Capitalists are driven to create great businesses for many reasons and being in the spotlight for doing so, isn't usually high on their lists 

However, your work deserves to be recognized, celebrated and spotlighted so that you and your employees benefit from not only Doing Good but also for Being Good.  

So, we’re here to help you Look Good too!

You are role models for other business leaders and they want to know how you achieved success.  They want to know what you learned.  They want to know the pitfalls to avoid.  The want to know if it is worth the time, effort and money.  They want to know how your approach improved your business.  They want to know how many lives you transformed.

And most importantly, these leaders want to be like you — in their own unique way, creating value, exceptional experiences and meaningful work while reducing their environmental impact and supporting causes and communities aligned with their purpose.

We Believe:

  • That having a purpose, what we call a Shared Higher Impactful Purpose (SHIP), attracts your ideal customers, employees, partners, investors and supporters.
  • Collaboration, co-creation, cooperation and having an abundance, rather than a scarcity, mindset are ways that Enlightened Capitalists are different.
  • There is enough business to go around provided you create value and deliver exceptional experiences.
  • That our community wants other individuals and organizations to become Enlightened Capitalists too, so we are committed to putting the spotlight on individuals and organizations that are doing good work and being good citizens.

Here are some of the ways we intend to spotlight our community’s efforts:

(they will be rolled out as demand dictates):

  • Enlightened Capitalist TV – a web channel to showcase Enlightened Capitalist video stories, interviews and educational content
  • Enlightened Capitalist Magazine – a magazine which highlights our community members’ stories and research
  • Enlightened Capitalist Podcast – short interviews where Carol asks Enlightened Capitalists questions that highlight their ripples and so that listeners can learn from them
  • Enlightened Capitalist Store – an ecommerce store on the Enlightened Capitalist website for products, books and services which support the Enlightened Capitalist practices and philosophy
  • Enlightened Capitalist Books – become an Enlightened Capitalist author and share your thought-leadership and stories
  • Enlightened Capitalist Seal of Approval – When you meet the Enlightened Capitalist requirements you can proudly display your Enlightened Capitalist Seal of Approval
  • Enlightened Capitalist Gala Award Ceremony and Fundraiser – Celebrate the recognition you receive by evolving to the Best in Class as an Enlightened Capitalist.
  • Enlightened Capitalist Guild – Harness the energy, insight and enthusiasm of our young people who commit to being Enlightened Capitalists and who would love to support you with projects to gain experience in their fields. We provide mentoring for our Guild members as they learn to translate their education into practice.

We’re also going to create UNConventional events to bring our vision to life.

Join Us today!

Simply email or book a time to chat to discover the best way for you to do so.