Consulting and Mentoring

Want a customized program for your organization tailored to your stakeholder requirements and taught when and where you need it?

Then this is the service for you!

After discussing your vision and your challenges, we will put together a plan to help you reinvent your organization from the individual level out. We will connect you with our best specialists – from supply chain to operations, workplace culture to customer experience, financial whizzes to strategists – to show you how to transform your business while avoiding the pitfalls and reducing stakeholder resistance.

Our specialists support 4 main areas of Business Establishment and Growth:  People, Planet, Profit and the Future


The core of business execution is people. 

When you have the correct persons in the correct roles doing meaningful work coupled with an understanding of why and how they contribute to the mission, vision and Shared Higher Impactful Purpose (SHIP), engagement increases.  And when engagement increases turnover, absenteeism, accidents and theft decrease AND productivity, creativity and customer satisfaction increase.


By encouraging employees to serve as advocates for the company-planet interactions you attract more clients and more media. In doing so, you enhance employee-customer pride in the organization of meaningful work that benefits immediately and for future generations.


Enlightened Capitalists create wealth by improving personal and business performance.  They:

  1. Use the additional profit to make a bigger impact in the lives of those who support their business.
  2. Spread the wealth of increased productivity caused by improved personal performance with its employees, which inspires employees to remain engaged with the company.
  3. Encourage open and transparent communication, which helps identify leaking profit and revenue opportunities.
  4. Focus on customer experiences, which lowers the customer acquisition cost while it increases the customer lifetime value – again impacting profit.

When the word gets out – which it will when you share the Enlightened Capitalist message mainstream – business leaders will pay attention to your outcomes and seek counsel in using your concepts and practices in their business. Because of this business buzz, your employees and customers are acknowledged for their work. You can advance your insights elsewhere because you have proof of concept and practice with industry support. And you can amplify your efforts as an Enlightened Capitalist story in your community and around the world thus opening other possibilities for business expansion.

The Future

Perhaps the biggest impact you make as an Enlightened Capitalist is your commitment to operate tomorrow’s business today. In doing so, you secure the future for your employees and their families, the community from which you draw your resources to operate, and the health of the planet.  The ripples of business legacy will continue far beyond what you can see.  Future generations may not recognize the work you are doing now but they will certainly experience the effect.

How we can work together

After understanding what you anticipate you need, the competencies you choose to work with, the elements of being an Enlightened Capitalist and the best practices you’ll adapt for your organization, we’ll create a holistic map-to-plan to guide your awareness and practices as an Enlightened Capitalist, a Better Enlightened Capitalist or a Best in Class Enlightened Capitalist.

Our goal is to transfer our skills and tools so you become self-sufficient. Of course, you can reach out for guidance whenever you need us.