Who We Are


To evolve a business approach, which sparks a reinvention movement, to create win-win situations for people, our planet and those who courageously lead the way.

What we do

We reinvent businesses to demonstrate sustainability, relevance, attractiveness, meaningfulness, profitability and purposefulness 

Shared Higher Impactful Purpose (SHIP)

To Reinvent Business and Transform Lives Globally

Core Values

We live what we educate

Our Industry

We are in the Management Consulting Services, and Professional and Management Development Training Industries

What We’re Hired to Do

We reinvent business and transform lives by providing our expertise as consultants, educators and community engagement specialists.  Our areas of expertise include personal development and personal performance for individuals and people performance and business performance for organizations.

Our Platform

Reinvention & Enlightened Capitalism

Our Focus

The individuals who champion transformation.  We provide education, resources, research, marketing support and connections to become a more enlightened capitalist first and then to take what they’ve learned and incorporate the principles into organizations and communities. 

What is an Enlightened Capitalist?

Enlightened Capitalist can refer to an individual, the organization, or the movement to which they belong.

Enlightened Capitalist Individual

As An Individual, an Enlightened Capitalist is a person who uses the power of business to create positive ripples which transform lives.


Enlightened Capitalist Organization

As An Organization, Enlightened Capitalist helps foster the emergent leadership needed to reinvent businesses and transform lives through consulting services, education and encouraging connections within the community.

Enlightened Capitalist Movement

As A Movement, our community members form a network that provides the insight, encouragement, and resources needed to make a difference through better profits as a result of positive personal growth.

Are you an Enlightened Capitalist?

Enlightened Capitalist Quiz

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Being an Enlightened Capitalist is not easy.

It is a responsibility that requires changing the employer/employee dynamic.

Enlightened Capitalists need new thinking, new policies, and new ways of educating – as well as advanced supervisory and leadership skills.

And most importantly, the ability to get the right people in the right roles, doing the things that will make a difference to the business and the person.

Enlightened Capitalists face rapidly changing circumstances. Societal shifts, economic, environmental, legislative, ethical and industrial pressures, moves from competition, governmental mandates and technological developments provide a wide range of disruptive forces.

These challenges vary by position and organization.

In Corporate Environments

Enlightened Capitalists look after the interests of their Board, investors, customers, and employees.

They’re responsible for:

  • Translating organizational needs into personal actions
  • Creating and managing systems that meet these needs
  • Inspiring people to support and enhance the systems in place
  • Researching options, planning contingencies, and recommending courses of action

With the support of Enlightened Capitalist, they can do all this and more, while achieving their own vision.

In Entrepreneurial Enterprises

Enlightened Capitalists know what it’s like to pour their heart and soul into an enterprise. They want their efforts to bear fruit – not just profits, but to justify their hard work.

They strive to:

  • Manage expectations with narrow resources
  • Balance managing a business with inspiring stakeholders
  • Identify opportunities for prosperity that justify their time and effort
  • Connect their employees with purposeful tasks

With Enlightened Capitalist, these individuals get the support they need to balance their business activities along with their personal needs for success.

Ready to become more enlightened?

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