About Carol Wain

About Carol Wain

Our founder Carol Wain is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, advisor, and mentor.

She founded Enlightened Capitalist to help individuals collaborate, mentor and learn how to reinvent business and use the power of profitable organizations to transform lives and positively impact our planet.

Carol’s vision involves changing the dialogue about how business is conducted. She is determined to bring humanity back to business. By tapping into the desires and potential of the people concerned, she believes they will willingly support the purpose, vision, core values, strategy and goals of the business. With engaged people, profit increases – and it’s that profit (or a percentage of it) which helps transform lives.

Carol was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year, 2003 and she is the best-selling author of Guerrilla Tourism Marketing. She has been called a visionary and was given the title Queen of Reinvention a number of years ago.

Since 1996, Carol’s work has always been about improving performance and recognizing and rewarding people to increase engagement.

Carol understands how important it is for business leaders to collaborate, co-create, support and encourage each other – even if they are technically competitors.

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