About Enlightened Capitalist

About Enlightened Capitalist

Enlightened Capitalist assists business leaders and managers to transition their organizations to be more resilient, engaging, profitable, and sustainable.

We provide learning opportunities, networking, events, and marketing and sales opportunities through membership in our community.


Business leaders are struggling and we're here to help those who are committed to improving their sustainability, engagement, business performance, and people performance with a people, purpose, and values-driven focus.


To create win-win situations for people, our planet, and those who courageously lead the way as we, collectively, reinvent business and transform lives today and for the future.

What We Do

We help reinvent businesses that transform lives in ways that include sustainability, relevance, engagement, attractiveness, meaningfulness, profitability, and purposefulness through education, community, and advocacy.

Shared Higher Impactful Purpose (SHIP)

To Reinvent Business and Transform Lives Globally

Core Values

We live what we educate

Our Industry

We are a 21st Century Association which fulfills the roles of the connector, marketer, educator, advocate, community organizer and additional voice for our members.

What We're Hired to Do

There are 2 parts to what we do: 

The first is to bring together a community of individuals who intend to make a large positive impact for our planet, society, communities and individuals by leveraging the power of a healthy, wealthy and sustainable business.  We do this by creating events to facilitate learning, collaboration and co-creation.

The second is to reinvent business and transform lives by providing our expertise as consultants, educators and community engagement specialists. Our areas of expertise include personal development and personal performance for individuals and organizational development and organizational performance – financial, people, environmental, innovative and societal performance for businesses, non-profits, governments and academia.

Our Platform

Sustainable and Engaging Reinvention & Enlightened Capitalism

Our Focus

The individuals who champion transformation. We provide education, resources, research, marketing support and connections to become a more Enlightened Capitalist first and then to take the lessons and incorporate the principles into organizations and communities.

What is an Enlightened Capitalist?

Enlightened Capitalist can refer to an individual, the organization, or the movement to which they belong.

As an Individual, an Enlightened Capitalist is a person who uses the power of business to create positive ripples which transform lives.

As a Business, Enlightened Capitalist helps foster the emergent leadership needed to reinvent businesses and transform lives through events, consulting services, education and encouraging connections within the community.

As a Movement, our community members form a network that provides the insight, encouragement, and resources needed to create a sustainable, relevant, valuable organization navigating towards peak performance by accountable people who support the purpose, vision, core values and strategy because of the organization’s Shared Higher Impactful Purpose (SHIP).

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