Advisory Board

Thank you for your interest in the Enlightened Capitalist network and movement.

To achieve our goals of creating a movement by educating in a meaningful and fun way to help business leaders to reinvent their businesses to transform lives, we need great people on our advisory board.

Our Advisory Board will be comprised of 7 people – our founder, Carol Wain and 6 independent advisors who are successful leaders who embody the Enlightened Capitalist attributes.

Andy Duncan, Advisory Board Member

Andy Duncan – Internet entrepreneur, award-winning film producer, founder of iSpeed Productions and, Andy specializes in cashflow strategies and exponential business growth. His greatest asset is his ability to connect with various people on all levels of the business sphere. A true-to-life “Rich Dad Poor Dad” story, he has participated in business deals on five continents, including countries like Argentina, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Canada, and of course, the U.S.

In the past ten years he’s “lived” in the world of digital marketing, and has gotten accustomed to extreme returns on investments in the hundreds and thousands of percents. His partners and affiliates have done well over $200 million in sales in the last 10 years.

“All business, really all of life, boils down to one thing… Relationships. The quality of them. An Enlightened Capitalist doesn’t just seek to increase their net worth, but increase the community’s value as a whole. To achieve that you must expand your core circle of friends and collaborators you associate with. Welcome to the EC community!”

Andy Duncan – Internet Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Film Producer, Author

Anne C. Graham, Advisory Board Member

One client credits Anne C.  Graham with having shown him the “Holy Grail of profitability.” As a #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker of the Year, and Enlightened Capitalist, Anne is on a mission to show 5 million business leaders how to create sustainable, profitable growth – NOW – regardless of what the economy is doing or how external forces are turning their best-laid plans topsy-turvy.
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“The Enlightened Capitalist movement aligns with my belief that profit is not greed; instead it creates possibilities and reflects your customers’ applause for a job well done.”
Anne C. Graham, #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, Accelerator

Dr. Stephen Hobbs, Advisory Board Member, Facilitative Mentor, Faculty

Stephen Hobbs, EdD guides entrepreneurs & executives to evolve delivery of extraordinary experiences in the words of their customers and employees. Dr. Hobbs brings his experiences as a CEO, educator and business consultant in the areas of workplace culture, business mapping and M&A to Enlightened Capitalist as faculty, mentor and Advisory Board member. His Legacy Project, Write to Shade, enables children to learn about the world while being shaded and grounded by trees.
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“Over the past 30+ years I have worked with infopreneurs, start-ups, established entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 clients to guide them through transition, growth and uncertainty. It has never been more important to embrace Enlightened Capitalist principles because of the requirements to get clear, get perspective and get support to evolve win-grow situations with customers and employees.”
Dr Stephen Hobbs, Founder of Wellth Movement.

Susan Radojevic, Advisory Board Member

Susan Radojevic is on a life adventure to affect real change to legacy leadership, stakeholder engagement and decision-making practices and business environments. A successful entrepreneur, business performance and engagement advisor, online show host and business event advocate, Susan has been published in Maclean’s, Canadian Business and trade publications. Susan is creating a business event to support bleeding edge concepts that are ‘Re-imagining Business And The World’.
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“I believe an Enlightened Capitalist is a courageous leader that will influence the change we must make to co-evolve business, grow our communities and build a stronger Canada.”
Susan Radojevic, Entrepreneur and Founder of Kadima Village

Bernadette Slowey, Advisory Board Member

Bernadette Slowey is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and founder of Vast Universe Productions. Prior to the film, Slowey had a 20-year corporate career as a bank executive until the collapse of the financial industry in 2009. Her responsibilities included managing Marketing, Human Resources & Training, Organizational Development, and Customer Experience. She was recognized by The Denver Business Journal as one of the “Forty Under 40” top young business leaders for her business success and community contributions. Slowey has served as a Board Member of several organizations and mentors MBA students. With her diverse background, she brings creative thinking to corporate and business savvy to entrepreneurs.
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“10 years ago, I would’ve thought Enlightened Capitalist was an oxymoron. Today, I now know it’s an evolved awareness combining purposeful passion with business practices.”
Bernadette Slowey, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker

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