Enlightened Capitalist Manifesto

There is a new power shaping the world – enlightened individuals – who show up fully, contribute generously, listen intently, learn openly, act purposefully, celebrate enthusiastically, reinvent business sustainably and transform lives globally.

In our world:

  • Purposeful, thoughtful, courageous, inspirational, impactful, healthy and ecological contributions of individuals are appreciated, validated, encouraged, recognized, rewarded and celebrated
  • Consumption and waste are reduced and sustainability is a primary driver in individual and business decisions
  • Fear, divisiveness and conflict are no longer used to control people and instead hope, cooperation and peaceful interactions for solving challenges provide the framework of a better future
  • Opportunities for better health, wealth and happiness are available for all, not only the privileged
  • Lives are transformed through better relationships, experiences, communication, health, education, work and living conditions
  • All businesses have the same market-decided opportunities for success or failure, pay their fair share of taxes and are subject to the same environmental, societal, legal and ethical requirements
  • Political leaders are genuinely committed to improving the lives of their constituents and they rebel against special interest groups who lobby, manipulate and hold power over their ability to do so

As enlightened individuals, we encourage:

  • Living life on purpose – discovering your purpose then making decisions which support your purpose
  • Laughter, encouragement, celebration while stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Inclusion, collaboration, co-creation, healthy dialogue and opportunities for everyone to contribute fully in a respected and respectful environment
  • Creative thinking, critical thinking, truly understanding why and challenging existing beliefs
  • Curiosity, courage, collaboration, commitment, consciousness, co-creation and community
  • People to come together with a common purpose of using enlightened capitalism – an even playing field with a market driven system – to solve society and planetary challenges in a sustainable, impactful, healthy and exciting way
  • Reinventing policies, procedures, systems and organizations to work better, be better and to deliver exceptional experiences

As Enlightened Capitalists, we reinvent businesses by:

  • Unlearning what no longer works and learning what we need for a healthy, sustainable and prosperous future
  • Being good – a good employer, employee, leader, manager, visionary, vendor, customer, partner, investment, community leader, co-worker, friend and loved one.
  • Doing good – creating valuable products, services and experiences which solve real problems profitably and without harm, as well as extending reach and impact to also support environmental initiatives, specific communities and causes and society as a whole
  • Doing well – generating a healthy profit for the stakeholders and to affect a large positive ripple for community and planet
  • Looking good – by spotlighting the great work that we are doing and the impact we are making as individuals, businesses and as a community so that others can learn how to reinvent their businesses to also be better Enlightened Capitalists
  • Ensuring we have a strong sense of personal purpose and we focus on improving our personal and business performance so that we can live better while having more of a positive impact on society and environment
  • Recognizing that our future starts with AND… which enables us to BE and DO far more in the future than we’ve done in the past
  • Mentoring, collaborating, co-creating and evolving so that our future generations inherit a world better than our world today

WE ARE Movers and Shapers, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Teachers, Mentors and Students


WE ARE committed to a better future for ourselves, our families, friends, community, society and planet


WE ARE A COMMUNITY of people who encourage, support, share, teach and challenge each other to co-create ripples of positive outcomes


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