December 19

The Age of the Do Wellers 


The Age of the Do Wellers (and why we need to talk a bit less about the Do Gooders)

Andy Last

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We all love the companies and individuals that stand out for the good they do in the world. It’s at the heart of most societies, cultures and religions to encourage charity. But if we want to bring about the sort of systemic change the world needs, if we believe in ‘doing well by doing good’, then we need to have a more balanced conversation.

We need to praise the ‘doing well’ as much as the ‘doing good’.

We need to talk about ‘Capitalism’ as much as ‘Enlightened’.

This presentation will talk about why the most successful social programs have not only had ‘doing well’ at their heart, but have been unapologetic in the way they talk about it.

It will show how you can link ‘doing well’ more explicitly to CSR, sustainability and philanthropic programs, and so move them closer to the heart of your organisation’s strategy. And will give you four rules for being a ‘Do Weller’.

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Connect to Opportunity:

Andy Last

CEO & Co-founder, MullenLowe Salt

Andy advises organisations on how they can use social issues to drive growth, and how communications can effect change to bring about better business results and social progress.

He has led the development of MullenLowe salt’s Social Purpose model to create sustainable, progressive campaigns for brands and businesses, associations and not-for-profits. His book – ‘Business on a Mission: How to Build a Sustainable Brand’ – was published by Routledge Greenleaf in December 2016.

He has worked for over a decade on Lifebuoy soap’s award-winning social mission, described as the ‘best social program ever’ by David Aaker, Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

Andy has had a 25-year career in communications following a degree in Law from Oxford University and led the launch of salt Singapore in 2012. He is a regular speaker on the role of business in society, at conferences in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa and as a visiting lecturer, including for Cambridge University’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

He is a member of the Medinge Group, the ‘brands with a conscience’ Think Tank.


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