November 19

Being Good in the Midst of Chaos


Being Good in the Midst of Chaos

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Leaders and businesses are needing to operate in a world of accelerating change, increased complexity and disruptive technologies. It is getting increasingly difficult to keep up with the change, let alone innovate and get ahead of it.

When leaders and managers feel out of control and powerless, a typical reaction and behavior is to create a controlling, depleting environment that robs the precious energy needed by the organization to thrive with change. It can also lead to overwhelm and burnout.

In the midst of the chaos, 'Being Good' is not only within the realm of our control but also ignites the energy of teams to collaborate, innovate and thrive.

In this presentation, you will learn...

  • How BE GOOD is the seat of authentic power and control in a world of accelerating change
  • How leader/manager beliefs and behaviors create the climate for either dysfunctional or high functioning teams 
  • 5 inner (Be Good) elements completely within your control that provide stability and capacity to thrive in the midst of chaos
  • Some awareness tools to assist you in identifying where you lose energy and capacity to thrive with change.

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Richard Schulz

Connect with Richard Schultz

CEO WisdomWays

In 1996, Richard left IBM in a state of burnout; feeling angry, betrayed and powerless. This set him off on an inward (Be Good) journey to feel healthy and whole again. This ongoing journey has taught him about ways to access and align with sources of authentic power ... power that changes our experience and influence in the world from the inside-out. Through his company WisdomWays, he 'opens spaces' for leaders and organizations to access, align with their authentic power and wisdom for maximum impact.


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