November 28

Supporting, Empowering and Magnifying People Doing Amazing Things to Create a Better World


Supporting, Empowering and Magnifying People Doing Amazing Things to Create a Better World

Ravinol Chambers

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The capitalist wants to take over the world, the person seeking enlightenment wants to head for the hills. 

Recognise either of these stereotypes in yourself? Is it possible to be an enlightened capitalist and what does that even mean anyway? How can we create a powerful narrative around being an enlightened capitalist?

Ravinol will explore these questions and offer his insights having spent 7 years as a full time monk and 21 years as a film maker, 8 of those running his own multi award-winning film company working with some of the biggest forward thinking brands in the world.

Expect to come away...

  • With greater clarity on what an enlightened capitalist is and why the world needs more of them
  • With the common myths around enlightened capitalism busted for good
  • With some powerful narrative ideas for being an enlightened capitalist
  • With some key tips for inspiring others about enlightened capitalism without coming across as an idiot / without getting their back up / without being a pain in the ass 

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Ravinol Chambers

Entrepreneur, speaker and producer / director

Ravinol is an Irish born entrepreneur, speaker and producer / director who believes that ‘better stories will create a better world’.

In 2016 & 2017, his video agency ‘Be Inspired Films’ won ‘UK Video Production Company of the Year’ at the Recommended Agency Awards and his clients include TEDx, Ben & Jerrys, Royal Albert Hall, Oxford University, Interface and Business Fights Poverty.

He is a regular speaker on ‘harnessing the power of storytelling’ and ‘using video to communicate company culture and purpose beyond profit’.


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