October 3

Ecological Profitability: Its Contribution to Ethical Decision-Making


Ecological Profitability: Its Contribution to Ethical Decision-Making

Dr. Stephen Hobbs

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Bridges how an Enlightened Capitalist (entrepreneur or executive) makes decisions to balance Purpose, People, Performance, Planet, and Profit using Nature as Educator

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Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Founder of Wellth Movement

Stephen Hobbs, EdD guides entrepreneurs & executives to evolve delivery of extraordinary experiences in the words of their customers and employees. Dr. Hobbs brings his experiences as a CEO, educator and business consultant in the areas of workplace culture, business mapping and M&A to Enlightened Capitalist as faculty, mentor and Advisory Board member. His Legacy Project, Write to Shade, enables children to learn about the world while being shaded and grounded by trees. Connect with Stephen

“Over the past 30+ years I have worked with infopreneurs, start-ups, established entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 clients to guide them through transition, growth and uncertainty. It has never been more important to embrace Enlightened Capitalist principles because of the requirements to get clear, get perspective and get support to evolve win-grow situations with customers and employees.”
Dr Stephen Hobbs, Founder of Wellth Movement.


decision-marking, ethics, profitability, sustainability

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