Generate your Noble Cause: Empowerment through Purpose

Empowerment Through Purpose

Generate your Noble Cause: Empowerment through Purpose

Kevin Gangel

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We live in uncertain times—more bad news than any one person can absorb, more change than anyone can keep up with. In the face of this unease, we easily fall into survival mode. When that happens, there is a predictable future of individual concerns, competition, and win/lose strategies that degrades culture, performance, and the very experience of being a team.

The pathway to a sustainable, high-performing culture is to discover and acknowledge that predictable future and choose powerfully between what almost certainly will be, and what could be. In that moment of choice, you can ask yourself, "What is the reason for existence of our organization? What's it all for?" And in answering that question, you will be able to uncover the noble cause that's always been there, just not articulated and made tangible. And therein lies a future that will move, touch, and inspire everyone within your organization.

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Kevin Gangel

Co-founder of Unstoppable Conversations

Kevin co-founded Unstoppable Conversations, whose noble cause is “to cause leadership for a transformed world.”

As a corporate leader, Kevin took a professional services practice from zero to fifteen million over ten years, six bosses, three rebrands, three ownership changes, and two economic downturns.

As a social entrepreneur, Kevin co-delivered Canada’s first social entrepreneur boot camp—after stints as a Chief Environmental Officer, Board Governance instructor, and impact angel investor.

Specializing in organizational transformation, Kevin is a certified Mediator/Negotiator and expert in ontology and phenomenology. This extensive training allows him to win the occasional argument with his school-aged children.

By carolwain

Carol Wain is the founder and leader of many brands which help leaders to create more profitable businesses that transform lives and positively impact our planet. She is an author, speaker, trusted advisor and mentor who won Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003. Carol is passionate about reinventing business to become a force for good — positive businesses which respect, appreciate, encourage and support the right employees who voluntarily use their discretionary effort to bring the vision, purpose, platform, personality, passion and core values to life; businesses which create useful, meaningful and valuable products, services and experiences which improve the lives of people; and businesses which support communities, take a stand and have a higher purpose. For more information visit,, and

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