Enlightened Retreats

These small group experiences (minimum 5, maximum 12 people) bring together visionaries, thought-leaders, transformation agents, movers and shapers and change makers for deep conversations, introspection, personal and professional growth and laughter as we step out of our comfort zones and enjoy unique experiences.

Our focus is on becoming a more Enlightened Capitalist — someone who IS Good, DOES Good and DOES Well — and someone who intends to take a leadership role in helping others become more enlightened too.

An Enlightened Capitalist focuses on personal growth and development so that professional growth and development aligns with their true selves, vision, purpose, and values.  He or she then takes what is learned personally and applies it to their organization. The Enlightened Retreats approach is from the inside out, whereas the Enlightened Journeys approach is from an outside in.  

More differences and FAQs can be found here.

During the Enlightened Retreat, you’ll do things you’ve never done before and you’ll grow as a person and a leader. You may even encounter a change in perspective. Each Enlightened Retreat has a different focus, so while you may have some of these destinations on your bucket list for places to see, please choose the retreat that best suits the outcome you desire.


Duration: 9 – 12 November 2018

Commitment Date: August 11, 2018

Cost: $4900 USD

Deposit: $1,225 USD (balance due August 11)

Intended Outcome: All Enlightened Retreats are offered with the intention that the attendee learns more about self so they can create a plan to live their best life on purpose and in alignment with who they really are (not who they think the world wants them to be). They are also designed to enhance clarity about how to improve personal and professional performance to achieve the results needed to transform their lives.
This retreat is specifically designed for those who intend to start a business with a social cause.

Audience: People who desire more fulfillment and meaningful work, more time for self and who are interested in starting a business with a social cause.

What’s included in Maui Retreat

  • check
  • check
    Travel arrangements during the Retreat
  • check
    Ground Transportation
  • check
    Facilitator / mentor / coach during the Retreat
  • check
    Coach/mentor during pre-work phase (for 2 weeks prior to the trip)

What’s not included in Maui Retreat

  • minus
  • minus
  • minus
    Transportation to/from airports
  • minus
    Items of a personal nature
  • minus
    Items we bring the community
  • minus
    The project we create to support the community