Whether you work for a start-up or a multi-national company, as an executive you are expected to improve performance while you do more with less.

One wrong move, one poorly executed plan or one bad decision by anyone in the organization and you are thrown off course.

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    What if you could reinvent the role of an executive?
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    What if instead of being in the middle of the chaos, you are in the centre of conversation?
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    What if your employees are eager to do their best each day and your customers become your biggest supporters?
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    What if you could convince others that they are wasting opportunities, human potential, energy, resources and money and that there IS a better way?

At Enlightened Capitalist, we would like to see your “what if” come true.

We are on a mission to support, educate and advocate for those who want to reinvent broken business models and practices.

We’re here to help you and your team reach your full-potential, stretch beyond comfort zones, improve personal and corporate performance and make a positive impact where it matters most to you.

You can hire our confidential advisors, speakers, educators or consultants, attend Enlightened Capitalist events, take a class, review our resource library, share your experiences and grow your personal and corporate brands.

If this resonates with you, we invite you to discuss how we can guide, support and advocate for you as you build your business of tomorrow today.

As you embark on your personal and professional journey to become a more Enlightened Capitalist while you transform your department you

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    Must decide where to start – Do you know how to prioritize the transformation?
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    Will be asked to prove the business case – Do you have the tools to do it?
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    May have troubles convincing skeptics and office politics will come into play – Do you have the skills and tools to overcome these hurdles?
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    Must beat the odds of failure with change initiatives (70%) – Do you know how to navigate accordingly?
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    May feel like you’re pushing a boulder up a hill at times – Do you have supportive, experienced people to turn to for advice and encouragement?

We’ve worked with business leaders in organizations of all sizes – from solopreneurs to Fortune 100 companies and while the organization culture, priorities, market and external influences are unique to each, there are common denominators that work across the board.  

We don’t want you to get frustrated.  We want you to succeed and to celebrate your accomplishments and impact. We want to shine a spotlight on you and we invite you to share your experiences with others.

We’re here to help you grow personally and professionally while you create tomorrow’s business today.

Here’s how we can support your efforts to become a more Enlightened Capitalist personally and help you to incorporate the Enlightened Capitalist concepts successfully into your organization.

Here’s how we can help you to become a more Enlightened Capitalist


Explore our proven platform for


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Transforming lives and reinventing business requires a community.
Here’s how we support the Enlightened Capitalist Community

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Throughout the year, we host online and in person events. Check out our Event Page for more events and details.

Which Ev​ent is Best for Me?

Which Event is Best for Me?

Enlightened Journey

5 days

Outside in – Create an impact for Planet & Society then bring the learning back to Self

Leadership evolution through experiences

Starts approximately 6 months prior to the Journey then implemented and experienced during

Group size:


Enlightened Retreat

3 days

Inside out – Explore Self first then expand to create an impact for Planet & Society

Becoming more enlightened to create better results in personal and professional lives

Starts approximately 2 weeks to a month prior to the Retreat then explored and experienced during

Group size:

North, Central and South America

Academy Live

365 including 4 @ 4 or 5-night cruises

Inside out – Explore Self first, then Work, Organization and Impact for Planet & Society

Performance Improvement for self, employees, finances, environment and society

Starts 3 months prior to each intensive trip and explored through projects and workshops and discussion during

Group size:
+/- 100

Cruise ship

CEO Summit

1 day and 3 days

Outside in and out again – Organization first, then leadership, collaboration, co-creation and Impact for Planet & Society

Leadership and navigating transformation

Interactive, hands-on, co-creation with expectation that it’s transferable upon return

Group size:
+/- 225

Canada, Australia, UK, US

5 days


2 + optional days

A mixture of approaches

A variety of Enlightened Capitalist topics from personal, professional, industry, performance, philanthropy and environmental

A variety of panel discussion, group discussion, workshops, World Café and experiences

Group size:
Goal is 10,000+

Vancouver, BC, Canada


Join us in the Guild

In the Guild

The Guild is designed to support, educate and advocate for NextGen Leaders.

The Guild is a membership community designed to help you to build your experience portfolio, to give you skills the market is looking for, and to connect you with mentors, sponsors and those who can help you to get established in your chosen industry and profession.

Find out more about Guild

Join our Membership


We offer 4 types of membership, with 2 optional add-ons in the Enlightened Capitalist community.

Increase your visibility using our spotlight tools. 

Network at live and online events.

Receive recognition for your positive ripples. 

Evolve your personal and professional development and further your education.

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Join us as an Educator

As an Educator

Do you have a desire to shape the future of business and how it contributes to a healthier and wealthier society?

Do you have experience as an adult educator who specializes in experiential learning and uses an upside-down classroom model?

Do you have lived experience using Enlightened Capitalist principles?

Have you created instructional materials already?

If so, let's have a chat about how we can educate together

Join us as a Consultant

As a Consultant

Do you have a proven track record and lived experience successfully transforming business in one or more of the Enlightened Capitalist focus areas?

Leadership, purpose-driven organizations, customer experience, employee experience, organization culture, performance improvement, value-creation, environmental responsibility, innovation, technology, marketing, sales, strategic alliances, communication, collaboration, transformation initiatives, ethics or governance.

If so, let's have a chat about how we can work together

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Click on the above image to become a member, send an email to our President, Carol Wain, at Carol@EnlightenedCapitalist.org or book a call time with her to discuss the best way for you to work with us.