October 10

Forgiveness at Work


Forgiveness at Work

Marion Neubronner

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A science-based approach to develop useful mental habits for developing sustainable high-performance.
The goal is to help participants understand how to overcome challenges and be more resilient.
Overview of the neuroscience of emotion and mindfulness and exercises to develop muscles of resilience.

https://www.facebook.com/keepitsimplero/videos/1732482600387459/?hc_ref=ARQtAMsB3QP76Z1-cRIG1nxMpKcIXtZCBm5QCrL0gYJ5p0DRQ4rGeXtdxHknAeqOW8c&pnref=story -My last presentation for a Civic Devt Conference in Romania.


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Marion Neubronner

Sponsorship Director Sheworx LA Investor Summit

With over 20 years of experience in coaching, mentoring, training and development, she has transformed over 10000 clients with her expertise in leadership, multi-generational workforce, business growth, positive psychology and resilience.

With her deep knowledge of human behaviour, keen and innate desire to help others improve and focused psychological and research-based approach, Marion is an attentive and skilful coach. Peak Performers she coaches come from large corporations like Oracle, Fidelity, Schneider-Electric, Singtel and individuals like Airforce Pilots, Guinness Book of Record Holders and Olympians.


employee engagement, forgiveness, workplace

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