October 31

Imagining a New Energy Company


Imagining a New Energy Company

Suzanne West

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Imaginea has the vision to create a new kind of energy company - one that values Planet, People, Profit - to find "AND" solutions. We intend to transform the current fossil fuel industry into producing Clean Hydrocarbons (produced without emissions, without pollution and without the use of fresh water). We want to change from an "extractive" industry to a regenerative economy ecosystem. We want to change from a mechanical thinking to biological thinking. We want to change companies where information is guarded to where it is shared and leveraged. We want to move from transactional to transformative. To do that we have to change paradigms, mindsets - we have to have a deep level of collaboration and we must advance technology that makes all three better (Planet, People, Profit). This presentation will showcase how we intend on getting to Clean Hydrocarbons and what the future can look like. The key takeaways will be a) spreading the word about this new ecosystem we want to build and to find people to join us on this journey b) catalyze people to work on the problems that need solving c) raise the consciousness needed to change the world

Suzanne West

President & CEO. Fearless leader. Visionary.

She's going to change the world. And she’s going to do it by getting other people to change the world with her. With wisdom that only a brilliant and repeatedly successful entrepreneur can offer, she’s assembled a brilliant team to break down the most daunting of barriers. To rewire the way we think about energy. To turn what we’re doing into what we should be doing. Her truly laudable career has crystallized into an epiphany - that profits are not the nemesis of this planet and the people on it. That oil doesn’t have to be a dirty word. That change can happen, and it will. And it’s this vision, guided by her insight and astonishing ambitions, that unites our ranks and compels us to realize our greatest potential.
Mother Nature is smiling.


We recorded this presentation in the Fall of 2017, while Suzanne was CEO of Imaginea Energy. She later sold her stake in the company and started a new company, Imaginea AI, with Nav Dhunay.

Sadly, Suzanne was diagnosed with brain cancer shortly thereafter and she passed away on March 6, 2018.

We were torn about whether to include her presentation. However, with the consent of her business partner, we decided to honour Suzanne, her purpose, her passion, and her great work. The world has lost a great woman and we send our condolences to her family, friends, and colleagues.


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