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We are looking for great people, with a passion for reinventing the way business operates, to join our team.

Join Us as Faculty

Are you an experienced adult educator with a specialty in one of the areas of the Enlightened Capitalist philosophy? Do you believe that business can be used as a force of good to better the lives of people and to positively impact our planet?

Do you have a desire to shape the future of business and how it contributes to a healthier and wealthier society?  Do you have experience as an adult educator who specializes in experiential learning and uses an upside-down classroom model?  Do you have lived experience using Enlightened Capitalist principles?   Do you like to have fun?  Do you have instructional materials already created?

All courses follow the same format:

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    5 key take-aways per lesson
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    1 related soft-skills experiential lesson
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    A quiz for competency and
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    A practical project which positively impacts the environment and/or the community (internal or external to the student’s business).

We’re focus on the Ripple Circles

Personal Ripple Circles

Person “If you want to change the world, your community or your business, start with yourself”. This topic is about expanding emotional intelligence, changing habits, understanding self, living authentically, living on purpose, changing mindset and other topics related to living your best life.

Profession “Life is too short to spend your life doing work that doesn’t provide meaning and fulfillment” This topic is about using your gifts to earn money doing work that is fulfilling and meaningful. If work isn’t delivering, you’d teach how to transition while keeping a roof over your head.

Performance “Focus on your performance – how can you improve your health, relationships, wealth and contribution to that which matters to you?” This topic is about continuous improvement for personal performance in many areas of your life – including your relationships, your health, your finances and the skills you use professionally.

Philanthropy “Align your philanthropic support with your purpose and gift with head, heart and hands which can be much more valuable to you and the recipient than writing a check.” This topic is based on Carol’s assertion that current philanthropic practices and non-profits are in need of a reinvention so that donors are more engaged and recipients receive more of what the donors give.

Planet “We have the power to lessen waste and destruction with the choices we make – from the companies we support, to the ingredients we consume, to the products we buy. Start at home.” This topic is about awareness of how we, as individuals, are inadvertently contributing to devastating impacts of capitalism and what we can do about it.

Organization Ripple Circles

Persons “Business practices are destroying families, communities and society with the decisions made each day.” This topic is about employee engagement – 70% of people are disengaged at work which has a negative effect on the organization’s performance at the same time as it’s contributing to the degradation of families, community and society. Adding a higher purpose, aligning people with work that suits them, reducing waste, increasing value, changing the social contract and expectations while improving leadership, communication, emotional intelligence and accountability are better ways to operate.

Industry “Leaders need to ask themselves ‘Will our industry exist in the future? How do we pivot now to ensure our survival? What practices do we need to overhaul?’” This topic is about recognizing we’re in for a major shift as technology converges with changing expectations and a changing marketplace – if technology eliminates white-collar and blue-collar jobs, who is going to buy our products and services? And many more questions relating to various industries and how they operate.

Performance “High performance organizations produce more profits and when they are distributed amongst stakeholders, they create more positive ripples of impact.” This topic is about increasing performance – human, capital, financial, societal, environmental in alignment with higher purpose, core values and other Enlightened Capitalist tenets.

CSR “CSR has evolved from a plug-on initiative to look good to being an integrated necessity to be good and do good while doing well.” This topic is about embedding CSR into the DNA of the organization rather than seeing it as a “me too” and PR tactic.

Planet “When we truthfully look at the value we create from our organization compared to the resources we use and the waste we create and then make a conscious decision to eliminate that which does not create true value for our customers, we stop the cycle of destruction which puts future generations at risk.” This topic is about making the tough decisions to change practices to benefit future generations.

If working with us as faculty interests you, please complete the form below:

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Join Us as a Consultant

Do you have a proven track record and lived experience successfully transforming business in one or more of the Enlightened Capitalist focus areas – leadership, purpose-driven organizations, customer experience, employee experience, organization culture, performance improvement, value-creation, environmental responsibility, innovation, technology, marketing, sales, strategic alliances, communication, collaboration, transformation initiatives, ethics or governance?

Check out the topics above (in the Faculty Section) to understand our areas of focus.
If working with us as a consultant interests you, please complete the form below:

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Join Us as a Speaker

Event planners are always looking for great speakers, with unique perspectives and valuable insight to educate and entertain their audiences. It’s not always easy finding just the right speaker for an event and as speakers, we know that it’s tough to stand out. So, we created the Enlightened Capitalist Speaker’s Bureau. Rather than charging a percentage of your speaking fee or a fee to list you in the directory, all we ask is for you to join as a member and then list yourself in our Speaker’s Directory.

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Join Us as an Advisory Board Member

Thank you for your interest in the Enlightened Capitalist network and movement.

To achieve our goals of creating a movement by educating in a meaningful and fun way to help business leaders to reinvent their businesses to transform lives, we need great people on our advisory board.

Our board is comprised of 7 people – our founder, Carol Wain, and 6 independent advisors who are successful business leaders who embody the Enlightened Capitalist attributes.

If this sounds like you and you are interested in helping us positively impact businesses and the lives of those who support and are supported by Enlightened Capitalist, please go here to Advisory Board page.

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Join Us as a Local Chapter Leader

Are you looking for a side gig or a retirement business that aligns with your passion, vision, core values and purpose? One that enables you to connect with others, help them transform their lives, reinvent their business and contribute to your local community.

An Enlightened Capitalist Local Chapter Leader may just be what you are looking for. It’s a demanding role yet the positive impact that you and your local members can create will be worth it.

This is a business opportunity for you and we require that you show competency in the topics we teach.
Enlightened Capitalist provides support services to you and you grow your membership and earn money for what you sell.
For more information go here.

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