Enlightened Capitalist Managing Director

Do you have a desire to make a difference beyond the great work you are already doing in your own business?


Are you looking for a great opportunity to use your skills, perspective, knowledge and experiences learned in business to create your ideal lifestyle?

Are you an outgoing person who is comfortable connecting people, organizing events, teaching, and selling?

Do you want to be part of something big – a movement to reinvent the way we do business and transform lives?

Are you willing to commit to facilitating at least 2 events a month in addition to supporting your community?

Are you a great facilitator? A great community advocate? A great salesperson?

To become an Enlightened Capitalist Managing Director of a Local Chapter you will be required to:

  • Be an Enlightened Capitalist member
  • Complete and show competency to teach the Enlightened Capitalist Fundamentals Course
  • Complete and show competency to teach the Enlightened Capitalist Weekend Workshop
  • Complete and show competency to teach a 6 – week Enlightened Capitalist online course
  • Attend the UnConvention
  • Attend weekly web-based calls for the purposes of educating, updating, mentoring and sharing
  • Attend our annual Leadership Retreat (5 days)
  • Agree to facilitate at least 2 events each month, each with its own theme and intended outcome.
  • Volunteer as part of our support team at 1 or more events each year
  • Grow Enlightened Capitalist and Local Chapter Membership
  • Speak at association meetings, community groups, and schools
  • Facilitate the Fundamentals Course and the Weekend Workshop in your community/local area
  • Be the media source for Enlightened Capitalist in your local area
  • License the Curriculum and Methodology on an annual basis

The opportunity to become an Enlightened Capitalist Managing Director of a Local Chapter is not for everyone – in fact, most people are not a good fit.

It takes the right person, with the right skills, attitude, experience, personality and leadership ability to create a successful local chapter from scratch – even with the training and support we provide.

This is by no means a get-rich-quick business scheme. In fact, it is the opposite. We teach you how to create a long-term sustainable business by creating long-term relationships, delivering value to your customers and community and continuously evolving while you learn.

Your success will likely take a while and it may never happen, depending on your effort, your abilities, your market, the economy, competition and all of the other elements of risk that are part of being a business owner.

We make no guarantees regarding your success in this business. You may not be able to attract people to your chapter. You may lose money.

With this reality check disclosed, we are here to support you. We live by what we teach – having a profitable business, with great relationships that transforms lives.

We want you to choose people, causes and communities to support. We want you to be an example to others in your community about being an Enlightened Capitalist.

We want you to succeed. But ultimately, whether you do or not is beyond our control.

Our Managing Directors of Local Chapters are the backbone of our movement.

Managing Directors of Local Chapters take on the roles of:


You deliver the lessons, facilitate group discussions, assist members individually and while they work on team projects.

You’ll guide the members to come up with realistic, creative and workable solutions to aid the local charities, non-profits and/or environmental groups which request assistance as part of the learning / community outreach.

Community Supporter

You interact with our Enlightened Capitalist members online – in the online groups (Facebook and/or LinkedIn, whichever is best for the members) to give shout-outs to team members, to answer questions, to encourage and support them between meetings.

You interact with your local chapter members online and in person.

Depending on your community, you may organize social events outside of the 2 monthly meetings you will lead.

You are invited to lead or join Strategic Industry Groups too. Bring your expertise as an Enlightened Capitalist to your industry to co-create industry-wide solutions for its biggest challenges.

Community Outreach

You will create and nurture relationships with local charity, non-profit and environmental group leaders to inform them about the services available to them from our members.

These services include presenting a problem / case study and having our members work in teams to come up with proposed solutions. Their Board needs to approve / decline the solutions quickly because the following week, the members will implement the solutions.

You will reach out to associations and business networking groups like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Board of Trade and professional associations with an offer to present at their meetings. (We’ll be creating a variety of presentations that you can use. If you prefer to create your own effective presentations, we would love for you to share with the other Managing Directors of Local Chapters so that our message becomes as powerful as it can be.)

Media Darling

You will use your influence to share our Enlightened Capitalist message with local media – including TV, radio, newspaper and business publications. (Don’t worry if you haven’t done this before, we have excellent media coaches who can help you to polish your speaking and writing skills.)


A Managing Directors of a Local Chapter is a business which needs to be marketed to attract and retain members. You will be responsible for growing the reach of your Chapter within your area. As with everything we do, we encourage sharing of resources that work. From joint venture proposals to split testing landing pages and email headlines, as a group, we collaborate and co-create strategies and techniques that produce results.


Your compensation is based on your sales of:

  • Memberships (both Enlightened Capitalist membership and Local Chapter Membership)
  • Event tickets
  • Educational workshops
  • Professional services (Our consulting, confidential advisory, speaking, corporate education etc.)
  • Commission from Enlightened Capitalist endorsed products 


As with everything in business and in life, there are no guarantees. Business involves risk and reward. Business is cyclical. Do not apply to become a Local Chapter Leader if you cannot afford to lose money. WE DO NOT IN ANY WAY, MAKE ANY CLAIMS ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU WILL MAKE, HOW MANY HOURS YOU WILL WORK OR ANY OTHER PROMISE REGARDING YOUR SUCCESS. As a Local Chapter Leader, you will learn strategies and you will have access to resources and tools which you can use to create and grow your business. These strategies are our opinion only. Ultimately, you decide which tools and strategies you will use. Your success is based on your abilities, your attitude, your skills, your effort, your personality, your ability to provide exceptional experiences, your local market and your relationship nurturing skills. Factors outside of your control such as the economy, changes in legislation, competitors’ actions and strategy will also affect your success. See our Earnings Disclaimer for more information and the disclaimer we make to all customers.


Every business includes administration – paper work, bookkeeping, accounting, creating processes and systems, responding to queries, continuing education and so on. Being a Managing Director means that you will need to manage your administration too.

Enlightened Capitalist assists you by collecting and processing payment then paying your commission monthly. However, you need to pay and keep track of your expenses.

Being an Managing Directors of a Local Chapter is exciting and rewarding. You will be helping to lead a movement to show and teach business leaders how to create a business which focuses on being good, doing good and doing well. You will be positively impacting people in your community. You will be part of a collaborative, co-creating, positive community of visionaries, strategists, humanitarians, culturists and controllers.

Join us today and help us spread our message. Help us impact and transform lives globally by reinventing and leveraging business.

Reach out today via our Contact Page to express your interest and get more details.

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