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Enlightened Capitalist Membership Options

Are you considering joining our community?  

If yes, GREAT!

Do you wonder if our approach and/or tenets align with yours?

All organizations evolve and Enlightened Capitalist will continue to evolve too.

At this moment though, here are some statements that we use to help people to decide whether to join us or not.

You believe at least a few of these statements and you have many more thoughts for improving and/or reinventing practices as individuals and as capitalists:

  • The way we have been operating is unsustainable and it's harming individuals, families, communities, society, the environment and the potential for the future
  • That NOW is the time to take steps to redirect our future as individuals, as societies and as business leaders
  • Diversity and inclusiveness produces better results
  • Together we can have much more of an impact than working alone or in silos
  • The future can be so much more enriching, fulfilling, equitable, inclusive, healthy and rewarding if we combine activism with leadership committed to positive change
  • Business leaders can and should use their skills and resources to not only take a stand and commit to changing how their business operates but also to demand more accountability from politicians and their administrations 
  • Your work should be meaningful and align with your personal purpose, core values, vision and dreams
  • Business needs to be reinvented to eliminate damaging, wasteful, unhealthy and unsustainable practices
  • Crony capitalism is harmful
  • It's okay to be unsure in unprecedented times and being open, honest and vulnerable (while uncomfortable to practice) can produce better outcomes
  • It's better to BE Good, DO Good and DO Well (all 3 rather than 1 or 2)
  • Collaboration, Co-Creation and Communication produce better results
Join Enlightened Capitalist

By joining our community, you can get all of this and more.
The choice you need to make is “Which option is best for me right now?”

Which Community Member option is best for your?

We are also looking for local chapter community leaders.  Expand your influence in your community by leading a local chapter.  More information here

Enlightened Capitalist


The Enlightened Capitalist Membership Enables You to:

  • Meet others who share similar views and also wish to reinvent the business world while creating a positive impact on our planet
  • Attend any local chapter events -- Your membership does not have boundaries or a term contract.
  • View interviews of other Enlightened Capitalists, thought leaders and shift-disturbers
  • Attend virtual summits and watch the recordings as often as you'd like afterwards
  • Attend webinars on topics designed to increase your impact at work and in your personal life)
  • Uplevel your professional development with our online lessons
  • Uplevel your personal growth with online lessons and discussions
  • Ask Me Anything in a virtual Q&A once each quarter
  • Receive early notification for Enlightened Capitalist live and online events
  • Apply to host online workshops
  • Apply to facilitate member discussion groups
  • Be interviewed about your work &/or business
  • Include your services in the Enlightened Capitalist Directory 
  • Add your products to the Enlightened Capitalist Online Store
  • Participate in local  online events in your community (for locations with local chapters)
  • Attend meetings and events in your community at discounted member rates (for locations with local chapters) 
  • Present your business and work to your local community (for locations with local chapters)
  • Be showcased in awareness and outreach efforts of your local leader (for locations with local chapters)

Your Membership Investment:

A one-time, life-time initiation fee of only $349.00 USD and $19.95 per month.

There is no contract and you may stop your membership at any time.

Enlightened Capitalist

Managing Director

As An Enlightened Capitalist Managing Director You:

  • Enjoy all the benefits of an Enlightened Capitalist Membership benefits AND
  • Earn multiple streams of income (membership, events, commission on EC approved products and services)
  • Join the Managing Director Mastermind
  • Participate in Managing Director Educational Events
  • Expand your leadership, prestige, network, exposure and influence in your local community
  • Increase your knowledge as you lead your local community members in activities and events designed to improve their lives, businesses and community
  • Become a recognized leader for a more sustainable, just, inclusive and human world

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