NextGen Leaders

Richard Branson of Virgin, Rose Marcario previously of Patagonia, Paul Polman previously of Unilever, and thousands of business leaders are taking a stand for people and our planet.

They are leading social enterprises, businesses with a higher purpose, green businesses, ethical businesses, sustainable businesses, best places to work and organizations that qualify for B Corp certification.

As a next generation leader who intends to follow in these visionaries’ footsteps, it will be a lot easier if you have a coach, mentor or sponsor, and other experienced people to bounce ideas off, courses, workshops and events to learn and share best practices; and have access to vetted consultants, facilitators and confidential advisors who specialize in creating and reinventing enlightened businesses.

Also, wouldn’t it be great to receive shout-outs and other recognition for your work and the impact you are making?

This is what Enlightened Capitalist does. We bring the community together – mentors, sponsors, educators, consultants, advisors and others, like you, who are Enlightened Capitalists and we do it by hosting events, developing educational materials, connecting you with people who can guide you along the way, and being your cheerleader while shining a spotlight on your impact.

We invite you to join our community today.

As you embark on your personal and professional journey to become a more Enlightened Capitalist while you transform your career you

  • Must decide where to start – Do you know how to prioritize the transformation?
  • Will be asked to prove the business case – Do you have the tools to do it?
  • May have troubles convincing skeptics and office politics will come into play – Do you have the skills and tools to overcome these hurdles?
  • Must beat the odds of failure with change initiatives (70%) – Do you know how to navigate accordingly?
  • May feel like you’re pushing a boulder up a hill at times – Do you have supportive, experienced people to turn to for advice and encouragement?

We’ve worked with business leaders in organizations of all sizes – from solopreneurs to Fortune 100 companies and while the organization culture, priorities, market and external influences are unique to each, there are common denominators that work across the board.  

We don’t want you to get frustrated.  We want you to succeed and to celebrate your accomplishments and impact.  We want to shine a spotlight on you and we invite you to share your experiences with others.

We’re here to help you grow personally and professionally while you create tomorrow’s business today.

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