November 14

Power of Human Connection


Power of Human Connection

Rebecca Murtagh

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Its all a myth. We have been programmed to believe that success is a solo endeavor.
Yet, science has proven that we are all connected, perform better in groups, and are literally hard-wired to help one another.
The key to success is being prepared for opportunities that will be created by the quality of connections you make, and the relationships you build.

Join me on a journey that connects what you instinctively know with the latest science to explain why success comes faster when we connect with the right people, at the right time.
This talk just might blow your mind!

At the end of the session you will:
- Understand how the latest science and greatest scientific minds in history apply to building an enlightened business.
- Know how to apply the same methods the most successful people use to achieve their goals.
- Understand what you can do today and every day to generate more business opportunities.

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Connect to Opportunity:

Rebecca Murtagh

Founder & CEO of Award-Winning Digital Consultancy Karner Blue Marketing & Crowd Success TM

Rebecca is a futurist, author, business advisor and executive coach with decades of experience working with Fortune 500, Silicon Valley, Main Street, multi-national consumer, technology and small business brands on ground-breaking, pivot, and growth initiatives.

Rebecca's passion is helping entrepreneurs, executives and brand-builders connect what they instinctively know with the latest data, science and emerging trends to achieve personal goals, build their business, or grow their brand in preparation for acquisition, merger or exit.

Founder & CEO of Award-Winning Digital Consultancy Karner Blue Marketing & Crowd Success TM

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