January 2

The STRESS Factor In Change: An Enlightened Capitalist’s Choice


The STRESS-Factor In Change: An Enlightened Capitalist’s Choice

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre

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Take Control Of That Silent Killer Called STRESS

Stress is a Fact of Life. It slowly creeps up on you and then controls your thoughts and actions, distorting your behavior and reaction to everyday stimuli. It is the source of many illnesses and deaths. It is compounded by a diversity of stress-related situations we encounter on a day-to-day basis and, many times, are even difficult to discern or recognize. Stress is defined as a mental or emotional disruptive influence that tends to deform your body. Research documents that stress kills!

Let’s put our lives back into our own hands and take control of that silent killer. It is incumbent upon us, as Enlightened Capitalists, that we learn to address this issue proactively rather than reactively. This session will provide you with the tools and strategies to deal reactively (relative to your current stress) as well as proactively to ward off, to a large extent, potential causes of stress. Understanding how to handle stress in your personal and professional life will allow you to control your mental and emotional well-being.

Take a Stand! Be an active participant in the game of life, not a spectator.

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Dr. Ulwyn Pierre

CEO of Embracing Freedom Inc.

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre, CEO of Embracing freedom, is an internationally recognized and sought-after authority for creating powerful breakthroughs and transformational change for high achievers, globally. Her clients for more than 25+ years include Fortune 50 senior executives, established entrepreneurs, and high-level professionals.

Freedom is her passion! She guides her clients in getting rid of the underlying cause of their recurring non-physical pain. In this way, they get to live a life that matters most to them, with grace and ease.

Her clients view her as their “differential advantage” to outstanding success. Sample results include increased revenues by as much as 47% in 90 days, generated ROIs as high as 375% in 12 months, and increased profits by 82% in as little as 11 months.

With Dr. Ulwyn, you learn to Lead Without Limits framed by her mantra, “Meaningful Success Is The ONLY Option.” She is a global influencer and thought leader, with unbridled courage and uncompromising excellence. She is committed to the belief that freedom is a right and not a gift. Her infectious laugh, sense of humor, and riveting stories capture your imagination and heart.


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