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Sustainability Narratives & Communication Strategies that Support C-Suite Decisions


Sustainability Narratives & Communication Strategies that Support C-Suite Decision 

Minto Roy

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To ensure Sustainability gains a permanent seat at the C-Level Suite, sustainability professionals must evolve the current language used between environmental and business leaders to ensure their effective collaboration. A new communication framework and script that will create shared ideology, dialogue, and competitive urgency to elevate policies and practices that measurably support both business growth and advance the circular economy.

Minto’s presentation will review concepts, case studies and strategies to assist professionals create customized verbal and written narratives to frequently asked questions posed by their client’s, staff and other relevant stakeholders. This presentation will also provide instructions on how professionals can more effectively communicate their capacity and commercial value to assist others in elevating sustainable practices while also supporting key stakeholder objectives.

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Minto Roy

Managing Partner at Social Print Paper and Royal Printers

Minto Roy is a Managing Partner at Social Print Paper and Royal Printers. Global leaders in sustainable paper and printing solutions & the creator of “Sugar Sheet” paper. Sugar Sheet is manufactured using 100% agricultural fibre waste and represents the highest standard of environmentally friendly paper available in North America and Minto and his team are committed to working with business and government to save millions of tree each year and reduce Co2 emissions.

Minto was recognized “One of Canada’s Top Emerging Immigrant Entrepreneurs” in 2006 by the National Post and was also recognized in 2016 by Canada’s Clean50 as “One of Canada’s Top 50 Leaders in Sustainability”. Minto has also created 4 popular radio shows in Vancouver related to H.R., Sales, Marketing and Business and has published many articles in national and regional publications.

Minto is a committed family man and participates in local charities and associations. He sits on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters and proudly supports the work of Junior Achievement BC and The David Suzuki Foundation.


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