Power of Human Connection

Power of Human ConnectionRebecca Murtagh Click to play Its all a myth. We have been programmed to believe that success is a solo endeavor.Yet, science has proven that we are all connected, perform better in groups, and are literally hard-wired to help one another.The key to success is being prepared for opportunities that will be… Continue reading Power of Human Connection

Leadership From the Heart

Leadership From the HeartRobert Clancy Click to play As a technology expert, business leader and professional programmer with a highly developed spiritual side, bestselling author Robert Clancy reveals how he views the world, business and life’s mysteries as a puzzle, an algorithm, or a long line of code that needs cracking—a cypher, if you will.… Continue reading Leadership From the Heart

Generate your Noble Cause: Empowerment through Purpose

Generate your Noble Cause: Empowerment through PurposeKevin Gangel Click to play We live in uncertain times—more bad news than any one person can absorb, more change than anyone can keep up with. In the face of this unease, we easily fall into survival mode. When that happens, there is a predictable future of individual concerns,… Continue reading Generate your Noble Cause: Empowerment through Purpose

Forgiveness at Work

Forgiveness at WorkMarion Neubronner Click to play A science-based approach to develop useful mental habits for developing sustainable high-performance.The goal is to help participants understand how to overcome challenges and be more resilient.Overview of the neuroscience of emotion and mindfulness and exercises to develop muscles of resilience.https://www.facebook.com/keepitsimplero/videos/1732482600387459/?hc_ref=ARQtAMsB3QP76Z1-cRIG1nxMpKcIXtZCBm5QCrL0gYJ5p0DRQ4rGeXtdxHknAeqOW8c&pnref=story -My last presentation for a Civic Devt Conference… Continue reading Forgiveness at Work

Connect Employees to Nature

Connecting your employees to nature to improve organisational well-being, performance and sustainabilityTabi Jayne From the 2017 Enlightened Capitalist Summit Note: If the video stream doesn’t start automatically, please press the Play button.Connecting your employees to nature to improve organisational well-being, performance and sustainabilityNature Connection is an emerging field of research which highlights how connecting to… Continue reading Connect Employees to Nature

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