We serve business leaders of all-sized organizations who are committed to improving their sustainability, engagement, business performance, and people performance by providing learning and networking opportunities along with advocacy for change.


In 2016, when Enlightened Capitalist was founded, people in all corners of the globe had started to pay attention to the climate crisis, unsustainable business practices, greed, corruption, the dehumanization of the workplace, slave labour, and the need for a change in direction.

Then COVID-19 hit and the world was turned upside down – hundreds of millions of people were infected by the virus, far too many died needlessly, millions of people lost their source of income (and their homes), economies shrank and some are in danger of collapsing, faults in government and big business became clearer, and people became very fearful and polarized.

This was the wake-up call that we needed to jolt the critical mass of people out of their comfort zone and cause them to start questioning and demanding change.

People have begun to reevaluate how they were living their lives, their careers and/or employers, what they value, stand for, and tolerated for too long, and what can be done better as we start to create a new normal – a better, more sustainable, more equitable and humane normal that cares about others, communities, and the legacy they will create.

Enlightened Capitalist, a division of World Incentive Network Inc. (WIN), brings together individuals who are passionate about continuing along this new path towards a better future and are determined to use their voices and influence as Consumers, Employees, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Citizens, Moms, Dads, Grandpas, Grandmas, Aunts, Uncles, Students, and Voters to do so.

Enlightened Capitalist has been advocating for the trailblazers who see the need to reinvent and we have been supporting and educating the individuals mentioned above.

As a result of requests for help during this period of global transition, we’ve decided to reduce the number of services we offer so that we can concentrate on delivering what is needed, when it is needed, to those who need us.

We are a network of individuals who discover better ways of operating through our collective insight and experiences. 

Our intention is to be the leaders in this movement towards a better future through a combination of learning and teaching opportunities, discussions, and advocacy.

Our focus in on helping business leaders leverage the power of their organization to positively impact people, planet, and profit.

We combine business performance, sustainability, and engagement, with personal performance, and living fulfilling and meaningful lives and we invite you to join us.

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In SMEs, Local, mid-market, National and Multi-National Corporations, Government, Non-Profits and Academia.


Community Members

Susan Radojevic
Dapo Ski
Harriet Tubman Wright
Carol Wain
Lynne Sagen
Bernadette Slowey
Anne C. Graham
Christine Powers
Stephen Hobbs
Andy Duncan